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President Obama Unveils Broadband Initiatives to Promote Community Broadband, January 14, 2015

NEO Fiber can help your community with all aspects of Community Broadband.

 This year, NEO has written business and financial plans, appraisals on in-kind contributions and has provided project and program management for many of the Gigabit Cities. Our team has worked with and continues to consult with grant recipients municipalities and counties providing fiber optic infrastructure. Recently NEO has also been providing business and financial consulting to companies in the solar and green energy business.
NEO Fiber was founded by fiber optic industry veterans.  We consult with all of the business aspects of fiber optic MIDDLE MILE and Fiber to the Home (FTTH) LAST MILE projects.  

We provide consulting services, business and financial planning, contract negotiations, conduit negotiations, pricing and marketing strategies for communities and service providers that are building and operating broadband and telecommunication networks.  

If you are a municipality, county or public power company, contact us to help you Leverage your Assets.

Interested in the Gigabit Challenge and want to learn how to promote advanced broadband service build out?  We have helped numerous communities in doing just that.  

Call us at 970-309-3500 to learn how.

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